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2 February 2017
Care & Maintenance
2 February 2017

Test & Warranty & Certifications

The most important test for OUTDOOR fabric is color And light fastness. Not all the colors can have the Same color fastness on Olefin. We have categorized the Light fastness color by color as you can see on the tabel.

  • LOD : LIMITED OUTDOOR Which has the good results Till 800 hours

  • OD : OUTDOOR which has good results till 1200 hours.

  • OD + : OUTDOOR PLUS which has good results till 1800 hours.

  • OD ++ : OUTDOOR DOUBLE PLUS which has good results 2000 hours and more.

All the tests are made under labarotory conditions. As you can see kLangleyWorld map which shows us the world’s Sunlight strenght and angle. That’s reason the results can be warry by the region. Durability time can be warry also according region.